INTERPRETATION I explores ways of interpreting written communication in the form of a body of text and a musical score. Deaf television and stage actress, Sophie Stone, wrote the text ‘Remember Last Summer?’ to demonstrate how the same body of text can be delivered in three very different ways. The text uses both spoken English and British Sign Language depending on the desired outcome.
‘Remember Last Summer’ highlights the active thought processes of an actor; the actor has a job of reading words, processing the information, and then thinking about the physical movements, sign language and/or vocal delivery.

This active thought process also applies to music – people often wonder how it is possible for a deaf person can learn to understand music to a high level. A musical score contains a wealth of information, from pitch, rhythm, shaping, expression, and more.

I believe that, just like an actor, a musician processes the information from a musical score and thinks about the physical movements and expression to deliver that music well. INTERPRETATION I highlights that actors and musicians have similar thought processes, with a successful and convincing performance being the end goal.