Community and Education topics covered:

Guildhall School of Music, London
Composing music with visual communication
Expressive performance – in sign, rhythm, distances of sound, emotions

Mary Hare Grammar School for the Deaf, Newbury Berkshire




Thanks to Decibels for this amazing opportunity for the students and workshop leaders involved.  Generous funding for the visual music and arts project is from the Berkshire Community Foundation lead by myself and Eloise Garland.

Education topics below includes:

Impressionism – performing, composing music and painting
Synaesthesia – neurological phenomenon, colours, music and composition
Pitch and Vibrations – the science and measurements in pitch/vibrations
The Elements of Music – into pictures with comparasions
Structures in Music – textiles and music (rondo form)
The Weather Symphony – music and tapestry
Pallindromes/symmetry – where music and visual ideas are inverted/rearranged
Expression – the emotional quality in music performance into pictures
Dynamics I & II – Live performance of Japanese music – music with contrasting dynamics