The work produced is extraordinary- you should be very proud.  It really feels like the beginning of a very special journey- and an area that really need exploring more.  I do think you are also making art form accessible for mainstream audience as well as the Deaf community- Classical Music and art often seem impenetrable for many people and you showed real insight”. Lucy Dunkerley, Associate Director, Border Crossings – Central London  (Patron: Peter Sellars). January 2017

The name ‘Audiovisability’ is derived from three separate words: ‘audio’ (sound/music), ‘vision’, and ‘ability’. Generally, society perceives Deaf people as having an ‘audio disability’; however, Audiovisability highlights that Deaf people are able to listen to, appreciate, and interpret music, particularly through its inherently visual nature.

Audiovisability offers professional, mainstream platforms for often unseen, unheard deaf musicians and artists. By offering unique opportunities for collaboration and a high quality, accessible platform,  Audiovisability dispels the myth that deafness and music do not go together.  Audiovisability believes in creating a voice of our world which creates a shift change, as we showcase our ways of seeing and perceiving of the world – as a result we improve on social and audience engagement, innovation, rights and accessibility.  We are based in London but our connections are at a global reach – as music, deafness, visual arts, story telling are common themes found in every corner of the world.

Visual arts often go hand in hand with music at Audiovisability; it opens up skills-set, appeal,  stretching boundaries as well as embracing storytelling through sign language, visual vernacular which is directly related to our deaf-lives.   We also include digital technology and film-makers. Community engagement is also at the very heart of Audiovisability as well as new developments on its way for music and deafness in education.


Audiovisability has enjoyed successful projects since its conception in Summer 2016 – The Elements of Music, The Unheard World, and Freestyle dressage (2018).  These projects have adopted a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with professionals from across the arts and beyond.

As a deaf-led company, Audiovisability has secured funding from Arts Council England, and has partnered with several charities and organisations including Decibels, Sobell Foundation, British Council, the Subpac Company, and Arlington Arts Centre to name a few.


Founder and Artistic Director: Ruth Montgomery
Associate Director:  Eloise Garland
Web Editor: Marek Eminowicz – Top Shine Design

With Artists Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tarqi and Lisa Harker responding to the loudness of the Japanese music performed by Nao Masuda, the artists are painting using their instincts as no information was given out to them prior to starting. 

Olivier Jamin – deaf artist tries out the experience of violin playing with Eloise

Deaf artist Rubbena explains the relationship between what she felt about music and visual art

Ruth Montgomery explains the relationship between directional sounds and shape (visual form) to Mary Hare students