The work produced is extraordinary- you should be very proud.  It really feels like the beginning of a very special journey- and an area that really need exploring more.  I do think you are also making art form accessible for mainstream audience as well as the Deaf community- Classical Music and art often seem impenetrable for many people and you showed real insight”. Lucy Dunkerley, Associate Director, Border Crossings – Central London  (Patron: Peter Sellars). January 2017

Audiovisability is committed to creating opportunities for often unseen, unheard deaf artists to utilise skills. We offer a high quality, accessible platform for the creation and collaboration of art across disciplines allowing work to be shown and performed in high quality areas. We dispel the myth that deafness and music do not go together. We create layers of interpretation so that deaf and hearing people can tap into different illustrative streams showing classical and world music visually through visual arts, live sign language performance, captioning and alternative forms.

Previous projects includes ‘The Elements of Music ‘ (2016) and ‘The Unheard World’ (2017) with the involvement of Deaf culture. Now currently working on Dressage with Laurentia Tan (2018).

Artistic Director: Ruth Montgomery, also a Clore Fellow 2018 – 2019
Musician and project manager: Eloise Garland
Web Editor: Marek Eminowicz – Top Shine Design

With Artists Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tarqi and Lisa Harker responding to the loudness of the Japanese music performed by Nao Masuda, the artists are painting using their instincts as no information was given out to them prior to starting. 

Olivier Jamin – deaf artist tries out the experience of violin playing with Eloise

Deaf artist Rubbena explains the relationship between what she felt about music and visual art

Ruth Montgomery explains the relationship between directional sounds and shape (visual form) to Mary Hare studentsAudiovisability put together music and photography: The Amsden’s Yorkshire Suite is composed by Deaf musician Danny Lane for the Forte Ensemble (which has 4 deaf musicians) with deaf photographer’s Emma Amsden‘s works