Ruth Montgomery handed over instructions to British-Syrian pianist and composer Waseem Kotoub to write a further piece on the theme of migration and deafness.

As an ensemble piece, the whole work is based on based on the incredibly talented deaf textile artist Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings’ background, geographic locations, significant events & key influences. For example – the Ethiopian nanny provided the family with routine and security, growing up by the River Nile, family, embracing Sudanese and Ethiopian music, becoming deaf at the age of 4 through meningitis, moving to UK for education and discovering Deaf identity and culture.

Between Waseem and Omeima, they agreed that the main title ‘Belonging’ was appropriate for the overall music piece. ‘Belonging’ has three separate movements:  Dusk, Torn and lastly – Blossom.

This theme explores migration, had she not become deaf would she have remained in Sudan?

Rachel Gadsden develops a portrait of the very artist herself during the 10 minute live performance into the 3 movements shown at the end, here are the excerpts of each themes and movement.

NB: The captions in the film was written by the composer himself, Waseem as he developed a narrative/programmatic style of writing music.

1) First movement: surrounding music themes – Sudan/Ethiopia/Saudi Arabia

2) Second movement The transition from Sudan to UK

3) Third movement: Creative works in UK.

Rachel and Omeima Image by Gadsden-Hayton

Image by Gadsden-Hayton

The final result of the painting by Rachel Gadsden with the professional deaf textile artist behind the music – Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings