Audiovisability would like to thank the following:

Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, for funding the Audiovisability project.


Decibels, for their support in partnership with the Decibels Year of Sound, Reading and London, UK.

Music and the Deaf – with particular thanks to Danny Lane, CEO of the charity,


and to the FORTE Ensemble members.



Deaf Explorer – with particular thanks to Alan McLean and Rachael Veazey for their support and mentoring through the grants application process.


Arlington Arts Centre, for the opportunity to use their building to showcase the work of Audiovisability, including the long-running exhibition, workshops, performances, and private viewing.


Jeffrey Wilson, Coordinator and Professor of Composition at Junior Guildhall (GSM&D), for the opportunity to lead ‘visual music’ composition projects with talented and gifted young musicians at Junior Guildhall.

Waseem Kotoub, Head of Art and Creativity at the British Council, Qatar, for his support throughout the project. Also for his music composition, ‘The Magic of the East’, featured in ‘Expression II’ of Audiovisability.

The Berkshire Community Foundation via Decibels, for their generous funding for the project ‘Music and Visual Arts at Mary Hare School’, led with inspiration from and in conjunction with Audiovisability.

Mary Hare School, the staff, and the students for their fantastic work and involvement in the music and visual arts project.

The artists, media professionals, musicians, and parents of young adults for all their support and involvement throughout the project.